At Physiofusion we get a lot of questions regarding different conditions and problems that people are suffering from. We love answering each one personally as everyone has different needs and symptoms can vary. However, some can be answered generally and we hope that this will provide a more efficient service for our visitors.


I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with so many painful areas 

It may well be that they are all connected to some degree i.e. a mechanical fault that is forcing your body to make changes in other areas (like a domino effect). If it is this then essentially, we find the first domino, we find the answers 

The mention of your fingers however indicates the possibility that you have some nerve entrapment somewhere.

From this you are probably gathering that because of the areas involved there are a number of options as to what could be happening here and I’m afraid without a thorough assessment it would be hard for me to give specific advice I’m afraid.

Things for you to focus on to assist your body include-

1. Making sure you are using your body evenly…even at rest
2. Ask a chemist about anti-inflammatories if you feel the spine or nerve could be inflamed
3. Try to make sure when you are sitting that you have a support in the curve of your low back to maintain good posture

I hope this helps but if you have tried this already of just feel you would like to know exactly what is going on feel free to call for an assessment (01282 453 110). Our assessments take up to an hour (cost £40) but include a treatment too. Kate would be particularly excellent with this type of condition/symptoms (in case you do call).

Take care.