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BIBAs Professional Services Business of the Year 2015

Everyone at Physiofusion is absolutely delighted to have won a BIBA award in 2015; it does feel like a reward after all the effort that goes into running a business, as I’m sure all the finalists and winners would agree. It is particularly pleasing to be recognised in the category we won too – “Professional

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Back Pain?

Have you ever heard of a spine transplant?...Some of the most common injuries that we see in this period are from those little home maintenance jobs, whether this is in the garden preparing for all those summer gatherings, or those DIY jobs that have been waiting since winter to be completed. All in all, it

  • Neck and Shoulder pain

Don’t put up with the pain!

This week we had a lady who came to see us with lower back and pelvic pain. Two years prior she had a little bit of a slip trip while outdoors, which resulted in a sore back for a few days. Just a few days later the lady went to ride her horse as she

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Having a winter tidy up in your garden? #askaphysio about avoiding injuries.

Gardening and your health – #askaphysio how to avoid pain, injury and accidents in the garden Most people associate their gardens with a tranquil haven… a place to relax, maybe have the odd glass of wine or to socialise with friends, catching the lasts bits of decent weather. But those gardening enthusiasts amongst us will

  • Massage

The Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits from getting a massage, both physically and mentally. Sometimes massages can part of a rehabilitation plan put together and implemented by your physio, can stimulate muscles and blood flow before sport, or can just be a routine treatment every month that just keeps you ticking over. Here are just some of

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Physiotherapy – Aiding in the Recovery from Breast Cancer

Although the majority of the public think of physiotherapy as treating sports injuries, back problems or helping in the recovery from an operation, it can also be very effective in recovery of illnesses. One if these illnesses is cancer – still one of the UK’s biggest killers. When a cancer patient is in recovery, their

Improving Fertility – Did you knows and What to do’s

Some of our physiotherapists have recently covered acupuncture for fertility, something we can now provide at Physiofusion. However, here's a little bit of information on fertility and what you can do to improve the chances of conceiving......without the needles! Most couples take around 6/12 weeks to conceive - Be patient and limit stress Sperm counts

Power Assisted Micro Manipulation – Theraflex

Back pain is one of the most common patient complaints seen in clinical practice; 97% of these cases being mechanical in nature (Chien and Bajwa, 2008). Physiotherapists often utilise manual joint mobilisation techniques to treat mechanical spinal disorders and increase flexibility and alignment. The PAMM is essentially a ‘mechanical mobiliser’ which stimulates and stretches more

Sam’s Running Tips

It's running season and it's important that you do the right things to avoid injury, get the best times, but more importantly - to enjoy it! Here are some top tips from Sam. 1.Keep your head balanced on the top of your spine - Reminder: if you put your fingers in the dimple behind your

Last of the Summer Whines – Helping Farmers

No sooner than we get to the end of our tennis-injury fortnight, we now seem to be seeing lots of farmers! In general, farmers are pretty robust… they throw themselves around with livestock and machinery in ways that the rest of us mere mortals would associate with some sort of TV cage-fighting programme, and they