Some of our physiotherapists have recently covered acupuncture for fertility, something we can now provide at Physiofusion. However, here’s a little bit of information on fertility and what you can do to improve the chances of conceiving……without the needles!

Most couples take around 6/12 weeks to conceive
– Be patient and limit stress

Sperm counts have dropped in the past 50 years by 50%; causes include nutritional value of food we eat in decline, rise in pesticides/herbicides, which often mimic oestrogen in body
– Eat ‘cleanly’

Sperm takes 10 weeks to develop sufficiently to leave the body, so should start planning for pregnancy up to 4 months prior to conception.
– Drink less alcohol, stop smoking (or smoke less), weight is also a factor.

Vitamins and Minerals are vital for sperm health
– Zinc – makes tail &outer layer
– Arginine, carnitine – amino acids increase quality and motility of sperm
– Vitamin A – helps improve sperm production
– B vits for male hormone production
– Vits C and E increase sperm count & motility
– Manganese & Potassium

Vitamins for Women
– Folic acid – neural tube defect
– Vitamin C – immune system / detox
– Zinc, magnesium, and vitamin A – egg production & reproductive system health. Zinc deficiency causes problems with menstruation & ovulation
– Selenium – detox and antioxidant
– Chromium – balance blood sugars
– High protein diets cause acidity in body; need alkaline for lining of womb to enable egg to implant.

Recreational drugs such as marijuana impede the ability of sperm to fertilise the egg, they also make sperm sluggish
– Combat by stopping use and raising zinc, vitamin C and E intake

Lubricants such as KY jelly blocks sperm by about 70%
– Stop using and remember to drink more water to reduce the need for lubricants.

Toxic overload from chemicals, heavy metals & minerals – every year we each eat approximately 5 kilos of preservatives and additives, inhale 1 gram of heavy metals and have 1 gallon of pesticides & herbicides sprayed on our fruit and veg.
– Eat more organic foods, reduce make-ups etc.

Best time to have sex is 6 days before ovulation – temperature rises at ovulation which means it is then too late
– Monitor but remember it doesn’t have to be exact. Walk on days 5,6 and 7