No sooner than we get to the end of our tennis-injury fortnight, we now seem to be seeing lots of farmers! In general, farmers are pretty robust… they throw themselves around with livestock and machinery in ways that the rest of us mere mortals would associate with some sort of TV cage-fighting programme, and they rarely seek help unless absolutely desperate (also known as ‘when it’s too late’ to Physios!)

With the summer finally making an appearance, there is likely to be plenty of sheep-work to do, which invariably involves man-handling them and usually results in being knocked over several times and grappling with creatures who would rather be anywhere but in your company. We see a lot of shoulder injuries from sudden movements and the odd twisted knee where the communication with the collie goes awry and you fall over each other. With injuries like this, if the pain hasn’t gone in a couple of days, then it’s unlikely to go on its own and you could probably do with us having a look at it. If you’re not sure then you can ask us for advice on the Ask A Physio section on the website – free physio advice to put your mind at rest.

There are also a lot of machinery-based activities too – spending hours bale-carting and silaging are less dramatically injurious, but they cause their fair share of pain. Small things like making sure seats, steering columns and mirrors are adjusted well will make a big difference in how easily you’re going to move the next day.

If you’re unlucky enough to be dealing with breakdowns, I could tell you not to lift anything over a certain weight, and to ask for assistance with freeing jammed machinery… but you’re unlikely to listen to me as you’re too busy to stop! So if you are going to do non-recommended tasks, try and take care of yourself by bending your knees, rather than taking the strain on your back, keeping the weight as close to you as possible and using longer armed tools to reduce the pressure required.

It’s also worth a mention about climbing on machinery and stacks of bales… falls from height (or things falling from height on top of you) are a big problem and can result in serious bruising as well as far more serious consequences. Ice is the key to bringing bruising out quickly and helping it to heal, but if in doubt, give us a call, or go to A&E / Urgent Care.

Let’s face it, the next day isn’t going to be a day off, it’s going to be straight back to work, so the more you look after yourself today, the easier you’ll find tomorrow.

If you have any questions, give us a call on 01282 453 110.
We’re here to help.