That was the time I burst with pride at us winning this award.

I missed the ceremony too – I was in Thailand at the time, so I’m not expecting any sympathy – but I followed it on Twitter, hence 4am.

For our physios and other therapists, they get feedback every day from patients – so they get an intrinsic sense of validation in their day-to-day roles. For our Customer Service Team, and other administrative staff (me included), the recognition that we’re doing a great job day-to-day is less direct. It’s my job to make sure that our team feel this – and this award has made that so very much easier.

What I wasn’t expecting though, is how much personal validation that I felt when we won this. Proud of what my team has achieved, of what Sam (my business partner) and I have achieved, and proud of what I have done. Needless to say, that me bouncing around the villa at 4am, giddy with excitement, woke up pretty much everyone within earshot!

The BIBA statuette currently has pride of place in reception in our Burnley clinic. I was looking at her and it struck me that “to make this real for everybody, everybody needs to be able to see her, feel her, hold her”.

So she’s going on tour – all six clinics will get their chance to see, feel, hold and display her in pride of place.

I just need to make sure she has a good polishing cloth!

It’s a great achievement to receive this award and it was particularly pleasing to have the recognition of being part of the “Professional Services” – an area typically dominated by accountants and lawyers.

It’s now our responsibility, as a growing business, to live up to it in the service we provide for our patients, maintain the momentum and make certain that all of our staff, clinicians and customer service team, all understand what it means to be a BIBA winner.

BIBA Sorrel (big)