10 Myths about Physiotherapy

1. Physio Hurts

Although our physiotherapists like to be thorough and effective, we can assure you that we don’t set out to hurt you. Depending on your injury or circumstances it may be necessary for the physio to use some techniques that may be more painful than others. You will be made aware of why these techniques are being used and you can be assured that if your physio is using them, they are the best way to get you better, faster.

2. Physio is only for sports people

One of the biggest myths, perhaps because of social and cultural perception, is that physio is only for sports people. This is not true by a long shot, in fact the majority of our clients don’t come to us because of an injury they have sustained while playing sport. Physio is extremely beneficial for a wide range of injuries and conditions that don’t have to necessarily sports related. Your injury or condition may be brought on by your lifestyle, bad habits, or from home DIY jobs, whatever it is, if it hurts – Ask A Physio

3. You have to keep going to get results

To some extent this is true in the fact that one session might not make you better right away, alternatively, one session might give you a quick fix before the problem returns yet again. The truth is that, on average, long term relief can be obtained from between 3-5 sessions, however some conditions will take much longer than this. At Physiofusion we like to provide treatment that will be efficient and will get you better as soon as possible, this means that we don’t make you book unnecessary appointments when you’re feeling better either. However we will encourage you to come and see us again so that we can maintain the levels of outcome for the initial treatments. Just like you would see your dentist once or twice a year, we would encourage the same with your physio – you only get one body so it’s worth looking after.

4. It’s so expensive to get physiotherapy

Put it this way – people pay ridiculous amounts for TV subscriptions, fuel, clothes, and lots of other material things often forgetting about the number 1 asset we have – our health. In perspective a physio session will go a lot further than the fuel in your car or the new shoes you have just bought, it’s a step further to getting your health to the best possible levels it can be. Health insurance can also be great and should you have a policy then it is there to be used, physio is available with nearly every health insurer and will generally cover the majority of the cost, sometimes all of it.

5. They won’t be able to fit me in for weeks

How annoying is it when there is something you need or something you want but it’s not available for weeks or months, especially if it’s important?
At Physiofusion we can guarantee you an appointment time within 48 hours of when you contact us. All of our physios have years of experience and are specialists in chosen areas, so we can guarantee that whichever therapist we get you an appointment with, you will receive first class treatment and not just someone who can ‘squeeze you in’. As we run busy clinics, the first appointment might not be the most convenient time for you but it’s a step further to getting you on the road to recovery and appointments made from there can be made to suit your timetable. For your convenience our clinics also run in the evenings and Saturday mornings, because we understand that you have busy lifestyles too.

6. Rest is best for back pain

This is not true and is in fact the opposite of what you should do. With back problems it is important to stay mobile and active. Even if it’s a small walk or some light core exercises, keeping active mobilises the muscles in your back that keep you upright and promotes better form and posture.

7. Physiotherapy is just a bunch of exercises

There are many different tools and techniques that physiotherapists can use, the hands-on approach is one that we promote at Physiofusion and involves the physio using manual and manipulation techniques. Exercises form the other part of the treatments process and will be practised in the sessions. We do provide exercises to do in your own time to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation processes in-between sessions.

8. Surely I need an MRI scan not physio?

In 95% of cases a physiotherapist will be able to diagnose the issue without need of a scan and IF we do need one then the physio can write a report to your GP to request one (or indeed any other type of scan, blood test, x-ray etc.)

9. I need a referral from my GP.

No you can see us without one (though you may like to get a referral if it means that you can claim back the cost from your health insurance company)

10. Physio is no good on chronic conditions like arthritis or old injuries.

In virtually all cases good quality therapy can produce enhanced results…and in many cases pain free and better functioning bodies.

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