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BIBA tour continued – Physiofusion Padiham

Continuing our BIBAs tour around all of our clinics, BIBA is currently in Padiham as some of you might have already seen. Clinical Director, Sam House, tells us more of how the Physiofusion and 'Karmic Multiplication' philosophy became a reality... Once upon a time - a Physio with high ideals, bags of care and a

Want a Happy New Year? Perhaps now is the time to really value Health?

Surely the biggest motivation to eat well is how it can make us feel. True nourishment brings happiness, enthusiasm and vitality for life. Do you want to sleep well, look good and feel great? Just eat natural, healthy and tasty food. Eating for health means putting you first. When we look after ourselves and give

Winter Weather Injuries

How the winter weather can effect arthritis and cause other injuries! Over the winter months, as the days get colder, nights get longer, and the wintery weather hits us, we tend to see a lot more of certain conditions and injuries that are affected by this. Two of these are arthritis and neck injuries. It