Surely the biggest motivation to eat well is how it can make us feel. True nourishment brings happiness, enthusiasm and vitality for life. Do you want to sleep well, look good and feel great? Just eat natural, healthy and tasty food.

Eating for health means putting you first. When we look after ourselves and give our body what it needs we’re saying “I do matter. It’s pure and simple self care. And it doesn’t take overwhelming change to improve your health either.

First, just take one small, realistic step, and gradually it becomes habit. And then add in another change. You’re not doing a “diet”. It doesn’t have to be really hard. Do one thing at a time and see your energy and vitality improve into the future.

Perhaps you’re not sure what the best first steps might be for you? Working with a Nutritional Therapist can help you to identify the most effective dietary changes to help you reach your goals easily, with as little change as possible. However, if you aren’t ready for an individual programme yet, then here are a few useful changes you could consider:

Don’t forget to eat!

Skipping meals can leave you feeling chronically tired, headachy or anxious. Regular eating keeps our blood sugar balanced providing sustained vitality throughout the day.

Say “Hi 5” to your five a day!

Getting your 5 A Day is vital for feeling good. Munching on fruit and veg lowers your risk factors for many chronic diseases in the future, but also offers great benefits right now, such as increased vitality, happiness and improved quality of life.  And what better way to shed any excess weight than with tasty plant foods which are low in calories, yet filling because of the high levels of fibre.

Rehydrate, don’t dehydrate!

What we are drinking is equally as important as what we are eating – and dehydration is all too common. Ensuring you have a few glasses of water and some herbal/fruit teas in your diet peps up your system much more than coffee can.


About the Author

Sarah Garton NutritionistSarah has been a Nutritional Therapist since 2005 and is the owner of Nutritional Vitality. Sarah regularly appears on local radio and writes articles for national magazines and local press on a wide range of subjects including Child Nutrition and Dieting.