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Neurological Physiotherapy

This covers a wide range of physiotherapy from acquired brain injury such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis along with other demyelinating diseases like Motor Neurone Disease. Neurological physiotherapy may also be useful following neurosurgery and peripheral nerve or cranial nerve injuries such as Bell Palsy. Neurological physiotherapy typical cases include: Stroke This is the colloquial

So…You Thought You Had Back Pain?

Pelvis issues account for a large proportion of failed treatments for low back pain because the pain seems to come from the lumbar (low back) region but it's actually because your spine is sat on a wonky pelvis!! In fact as you can see from the picture a ‘wonky’ pelvis can also account for pains

Why Clinical Pilates?

DOWN TO THE CORE When I was 14 I suffered with severe lower back pain, caused by various sporting injuries, as I competed in athletics at a high standard. My physiotherapist at the time advised me to start Pilates, which reduced my pain significantly. Since then I have sworn by Pilates to help manage spinal

Dog Walking and the Problems it Causes to Shoulders

Although February is normally a really grey month, particularly after the excesses of Christmas, we’re now starting to notice the nights getting lighter, which is always good for morale! This usually means that everyone starts to get more active – whether that is chasing children around, walking dogs, training for spring marathons or getting the

Forget RICE – you now need POLICE

We all get soft tissue injuries from time to time – whether you’ve gone over on your ankle while out walking, or have had a child-related golf club accident! The end result is the same – bruising, swelling and plenty of pain. If you have ever had a soft-tissue injury, you’ll have been told that

Physio for Horse Riders – Make Strides in Your Riding

At Physiofusion we have a lot of experience in treating riders – whether it’s fine tuning your balance and posture with a course of Alexander Technique sessions, strengthening your core with clinical Pilates classes, or getting you going again with some physiotherapy and a rehabilitation program. Whatever it is or whatever injury you have sustained

Sciatica – A Pain in the Bottom!

We often get patients coming in to see us saying that they have seen someone and they’ve been told that they have sciatica, and they need it treating please. What most people don’t know is that sciatica is a symptom, not an actual diagnosis – it tells us that the sciatic nerve is irritated but

Double Nomination in RRA 2016

We're absolutely delighted to have been named as finalists in this year's LBV Red Rose Awards, for not one but two categories. Following last year's success of being named finalists for the Health & Care Business Award, we have yet again been named in the last 6. We haven't stopped there...we have also been named