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Make Strides in Your Riding

At Physiofusion, we have a lot of experience in treating riders – whether it’s fine tuning balance and posture with a course of our Alexander Technique sessions, strengthening the core with Clinical Pilates classes, or a rehabilitation program with one of our Physiotherapists. Whatever the issue, we’re here to help you get back in the

Back to School – Posture

A child’s posture during school can be affected for many different reasons - one of the biggest reasons is how they sit. Children under the age of 14 are now spending on average 9.5 hours (40%) a day sat down. Poor seating means it is easy for your child to become uncomfortable and adopt an

Knee Injuries – Recovery

Recovering from knee injury – the importance of correct exercises There are many different reasons for knee pain, ranging from osteoarthritis or ‘wear and tear’ in the joint as we age, to traumatic injuries such as cartilage tears, which disrupt the shock absorbing ‘cushions’ between the joint and sometimes require surgery. Also, common in athletes such

Can Traditional Acupuncture Help you get ‘Back’ to Health?

  As a leading cause of disability and one of the main reasons for work-related sickness, lower back pain is estimated to cost the UK economy over £12 billion per year. In the UK the condition is responsible for 37% of all chronic pain in men and 44% in women but in a bid to

Children’s Feet – Footwear

A significant feature in your foot health is wearing the correct footwear, not only for your foot type but for the activities you engage in. Many foot problems are contributed by incorrect footwear. This can be anything from the wrong size, depth, length, width, materials and construction. When assessing and treating patients feet, I always

The Importance of a Physiotherapist

We all want to find a therapist who understands our problem - whether we have a particular sports injury and we’d like a Physiotherapist who also plays the same sport, or we find that a particular Physiotherapist has had a similar problem themselves – it is always comforting to know we are in understanding hands.

Cycling – Recovery

It’s said that recovery is as important as training and this is very true. The time spent off the bike recovering is as vital to any rider as the time spent training. If you miss the opportunity to repair muscle damage, you can be left with more than just aching legs. Recovery has increasingly become

Travelling with back pain

With summer well underway, the last thing anybody wants is to be in pain while trying to enjoy a holiday. One of the most common aspects of travelling is sitting. Whether it’s sitting on public transport, long uncomfortably cramped flights abroad, driving from one end of a country to another, dining at restaurants - at

Acupuncture – Can it enhance performance?

Acupuncture is a treatment method regularly used by Physiotherapists to improve a wide range of conditions. Although it has been around for thousands of years, it is only recently that clinical studies have actually proved its effectiveness.   Athletes are always looking for an edge that will allow them to increase their performance, whether they