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Job Title:

Customer Service Team




Admin - customer service advisor.

When did I qualify?


Area of speciality?

Welcoming patients and managing patient/clinical diaries.

Secret Skills?

Cooking - being Italian, I can whip up some amazing food from my home town.

What do you hate?

Pineapple on Pizza! It's an insult to our nation!

If you weren’t part of a customer service team, what would you like to do/be?

Airplane Pilot.

Unpopular opinion?

Travelling is a waste of time.

If you could only choose one superhero, who would it be?

We have a real one already - Queen Elizabeth!

Ketchup in the fridge or cupboard?

Whattttttttttttttt??? In the bin maybe! Us Italians don't use ketchup.

3 things I can’t live without?

My family, the Sun and a smile :)

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