What is your home town? Leeds

How long have you been a Physio? Since 2011

What made you want to become a physio? To help people recover from injury.

What would you say is your specialism? Spinal Injuries.

What do you like treating most? Shoulders and Knees

What is the best thing about being a physio? Meeting new people daily and rewarding when you see patients recover from injury.

What are your hobbies? Football, music and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Do you have any other interests? Stand up comedy

Favourite food? Homemade Indian food is a definite, but also enjoy Thai and Chinese food.

If you could invite 3 people for a meal at your house, who would it be? Paul Chowdhry, Kevin Hart and Ken Hom

If you could go anywhere on the world on holiday where would it be? Caribbean Islands

If you weren’t a physio what would you like to be? Property Developer

If we did a program called “I’m a physio get me out of here”, and you could take 3 luxury items with you to the jungle, what would they be? Cosy bed, Music and a football.

Ammit Mistry

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