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Spinal Injuries – Poor Posture and Pain

Spinal Injuries Poor posture and back pain ‘Heads up, shoulders back and tummy in’ I am sure this is a phrase you will have heard many times from a young age. The most important factor is maintaining good spinal health. The spine is made up of vertebrae, discs, muscles and ligaments; it has natural curves

Avoiding Injuries – Weight Training

Benefits of Weight Training In my opinion weight training is pretty awesome. If you have an area of your body that you want to accentuate – you can. You just need to provide your muscles with the correct stimulus and macronutrients to facilitate growth. For example, I quite like big bottoms, I always have and

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal reason people visit their GP. However an estimated 50-80% of people with shoulder pain do not seek medical attention for it. With shoulders it is important to treat the person and not the scan results, as there is poor correlation between imaging findings and symptoms. Exercise therapy

Injuries in Racquet Sports – Squash

Squash is fast, fun, sweaty, brilliant and tragic! Well I may speak for myself as a squash player, but every game has its ups and downs. It’s my elbow again The emotional rollercoaster, thinking “I’ve got him exactly where I want him” and then you miss a couple of easy shots and you have lost.

Physiotherapy for MS

Physiotherapy and MS Case Study from a Physiofusion client. #MSAwarenessWeek It's quite a coincidence that this week is MS awareness week. Two years ago this week I started on a journey that ended up with an MS diagnosis. I'd run a 10k mud run on the Saturday, felt great on the Sunday, but noticed that

Tennis Elbow, Also for Cricketers…and Decorators…and Typists!

In my previous article, which was about cricket injuries, I briefly mentioned that tennis elbow is a common injury sustained by cricketers. Examples from recent times are Sachin Tendulkar and Nasser Hussain, who both suffered with this condition for long periods. Not only is this a problem for cricketers and tennis players, as the name

Football Knee Injuries

As I am a keen football fan and Burnley supporter (Up the Clarets), I have an interest in football injuries and most of what I see are knee injuries. Most Common Injuries © 2014 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved. Knee Ligament injuries are the most common, particularly the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (Michael Owen) and Medial

My Journey – Part 2

Caroline Schofield - My Journey – Part Two Personal & Professional Development It has been over a year since I joined the team here at Physiofusion and the biggest thing that has changed between now and then is my confidence. I really appreciate the time and resources that have been made available to invest in

Gardening Lovers, Gardening Endurers – Take Heed

Lots of people love gardening. I imagine they love the nurturing and bringing to life of a tiny shoot to something beautiful or sumptuous. Or maybe it’s the solitude. Or the head-space. Or the quiet. I think it’s about love. The love of creation. The love of beauty and colour. The love of that head-space

Diabetes and Podiatry

Whether you have had diabetes for many years or have been recently diagnosed with diabetes it’s important to get your feet checked at least annually by a suitably trained person By visiting a Podiatrist you can prevent foot problems, keep your skin and toenails in great condition and get everyday foot care advice. Regardless of