Do you want to join our family?

We are always on the look-out for ways to extend our family – if you have your own business or list (physio, podiatry or other therapies) and it has a brilliant reputation, then we’d love to speak to you!

We have helped out several business owners – they normally come to us and say things like:

• I want to get back to being a physio / podiatrist
• I am fed up of the HR issues and health & safety
• I am really fed up of the paperwork / third party intermediaries
• I really, REALLY want to be able to go on holiday and not worry about what will happen
• My husband / wife is threatening to leave me if I take my work on holiday with me one more time.

You don’t have to want to stop working – just stop wanting to deal with the responsibility and day-to-day hassle.

Whatever you’re fed up of, we can help! Pop a message on this form with your name and phone number (which goes straight to Sorrel, the Managing Director – so all confidential), and she’ll give you a call to arrange a good time for a chat. If we can actually meet in person, then even better (any excuse for cake…).