What is your home town? Nelson

How long have you been a physio? Since 2008

What made you want to become a physio? Sustained an injury whilst playing hockey for which I was treated by a physio and my interest was established here.

What would you say is your specialism? Necks, backs and shoulders

What is the best thing about being a physio? An incredibly rewarding career, having the opportunity to assist and help people reach their rehabilitation potential in order for them to achieve their goals – be it sports related or general day to day tasks.

What are your hobbies? Hockey

What has been your favourite moment in that sport? Reaching the All England Cup Final

Do you have any other interests? Music – playing and going to gigs. Sport

Favourite food? Nandos and Indian

If you could invite 3 people for a meal at your house, who would it be? Katy B, Sarah Millican and Mary J Blige

If you weren’t a physio, what would you like to do/be? What I’d like to do is travel the world, but realistically I’d probably be working in I.T.

Do you have any pets? A Cat called Ulani

If we did a program called “I’m a physio get me out of here”, and you could take 3 luxury items with you to the jungle, what would they be? iPod full of music and photos, solar powered charger for iPod, and hairspray.