Scans and X-rays

Different scans are used to identify different things:

  • MRI scans – a 3D scan that is mainly used to view soft tissues eg. discs, ligaments, muscles, nerves, vessels
  • CT scan – a type of 3D x-ray usually used to view organs eg. brain, lungs
  • Ultrasound scan – the use of sound waves to produce a picture. This is quick and easy and is often used to view tears in tissue, eg. severe strains, kidney stones, babies!
  • X-rays – shows up bones and therefore can show alignment, spaces where discs will lie, fractures, wear and tear eg. roughened edges, osteophytes (bony growths)

Funding Options

If you need further tests such as scans or x-rays, then you have 2 options:

  • NHS – we can write to your GP and ask them if they think that you are suitable for the relevant tests and scans.  If they agree, they will refer you for them and you can request that a copy of the results is made available to us afterwards.
  • Privately – we can refer privately for a variety of scans (MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasound scans, x-rays), tests and Consultant / surgical opinions, which you pay for yourself, rather than being funded by the NHS.  The main advantages are that the waiting time is usually significantly shorter and the appointment times and locations are more convenient.  If you want to know more about private referrals, then please speak to your treating Physio or one of the admin team.

Results generally have to be requested by you (the patient) and are normally available on either paper or CD.  Your Physio will be able to interpret them and will talk to you about what they mean in terms of your condition or injury, what your options are and where you go from here.

Private Prices

  • MRI scan – £500
  • X-ray – £175
  • MRI Arthrogram – £1095


We can arrange the scans from any of our clinic locations (Burnley, Padiham, Bolton, Barnoldswick, Skipton or Lancaster), although the scans themselves normally take place at your local private hospital – please call us to find out more about where scans are performed.