What is your home town? Wigan….home of pies!

When did you qualify as a physio? 1997

What made you want to become a physio? Being a doctor didn’t seem to be as much hands-on help!

What would you say is your specialism? Analysis of CAUSE of problem…..not just diagnoses.

What do you like treating most? Pelvis’s and Shoulders

What is the best thing about being a physio? Building a rapport with my clients

What are your hobbies? Drinking coffee and ‘physio-ing’ for a hockey club

Favourite food? Thai food

If you could invite 3 people for a meal at your house, who would it be? The Queen, Stephen Fry, My Nan

If you weren’t a physio what would you like to be? An Archaeologist

If we did a program called I’m a physio get me out of here, and you could take 3 luxury items to the jungle with you, what would they be? Nespresso machine, a good mattress, and a hypnotist to cure my fear of snakes!