Treatment Description

At Physiofusion, we only use highly qualified injection specialists, who work alongside your Physiotherapist to get you the best treatment, and therefore, results.

There are several uses of injection therapy:

  • Anti-inflammatory injections (Cortisone)
  • Anaesthetic injections – to reduce muscle knots and reduce irritation and pain

Following an injection, we recommend only light use of the area for 2 days – a full post injection protocol (list of instructions and recommendations) will be issued to you at the time of the injection by your therapist.


These prices are for self-funding patients; prices for patients who fund via a third party insurer or solicitor will be different depending on payment terms and the amount of paperwork required.

Before any consultation with our injection therapist, it is necessary to have an Initial Consultation (£45) with one of our physiotherapists to distiniguish whether an injection will be required.

  • Single steroid injection – £125
  • Double steroid injection – £195