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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is used to strengthen the core muscles to prevent or rehabilitate after injury.  It is particularly suitable for rehabilitation or weakness of neck, mid back, lower back, hips and shoulders. It focuses on core stability, posture, strength, flexibility and breathing.

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It was created and developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany where he was a carpenter and gymnast. He invented Pilates as an exercise program for injured dancers and soldiers while living in the UK. Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health were closely connected.

At Physiofusion, we use fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists, who specialise in Pilates.

Your First Session

Sessions usually involve exercises on mats or gym balls and are held as 1-to-1 sessions or in small classes.  Classes are also graded as beginner or advanced classes or 1-to-1s. You will need to wear suitable clothing like t-shirt, shorts or loose trousers; exercises are normally performed in bare feet.

Group classes are kept small to ensure individual attention and cost £11 per person.  One-on-one sessions last for 30 minutes and cost £38.

Due to Covid restriction, classes are currently help online. A 1-hour online class is at the discounted rate of £8.

We recommend that everyone have an individual session before entering a class.  If you have a previous injury, it is a pre-requisite of the group sessions that you have an individual session; this is so that we can assess you and ensure that you are ready for the group classes without causing any additional damage to yourself.

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