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When it comes to insoles and orthotics, it's best to see a Biomechanics or Gait Analysis specialist?

If we have good biomechanics, we shouldn’t experience any of the following: foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain – it is not normal and should not be ignored.

Therapists recommend stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises and may prescribe off-the-shelf or bespoke foot orthoses (orthotics, insoles or inserts) as part of your treatment programme. These are designed to reduce the symptoms associated with many foot-related problems, provide support, accommodate foot deformity and relieve pressure on problem areas of the foot, improve foot position and the overall biomechanical function of the feet, legs and spine.

Biomechanical treatment is an excellent preventative measure, too, particularly for people who enjoy exercise and sport. Through the importance of having the perfect shoe, Biomechanics is now becoming the ‘go-to’ treatment for power and endurance enhancement – give yourself the edge!

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Biomechanical Assessment: £70

* The cost of orthotic devices are not included as part of your assessment:

What happens in a biomechanical assessment?

A Biomechanical Assessment is not focused exclusively on your feet – we also assess your ankles, legs, knees, hips, pelvis and even your back and neck.

The examination by our specialist Podiatrist means we assess structure, how you are aligned, and any strengths and weaknesses that you have.

Our gait specialist will analyse your foot type and shape, the way you stand and walk, and the way your body is aligned, then we can make any necessary adjustments, such as orthotics and insoles, if they are required. We can also advise you on stretching and strengthening exercises and taping techniques to help you get the best result.

Once you have been assessed, we will offer you the necessary advice and course of treatment, making sure you are aware of the next steps in getting you back to feeling your best.

Our Biomechanics experts are also skilled in general Podiatry, addressing conditions such as:

  • corns, callus and hard skin
  • verrucae (plantar warts)
  • skin disorders / infections
  • in-growing toenails
  • nail cutting and nail surgery
  • diabetic foot care
  • footwear advice
  • nail cutting and surgery

Appointments last between 30 and 60 minutes.

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