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Who wants average energy levels, interrupted sleeping patterns, and ‘I suppose I feel okay' attitude? There is so much conflicting information out there – some of it is useful, but none of it has been tailor made for you. There is no such thing as the perfect diet for everyone.

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Initial Appointment : £70

Review Appointments : £50

Personalised Nutritional Therapy is extremely beneficial for our mental and physical health. When we become nutritionally unbalanced it can cause a variety of symptoms that have a negative impact on our bodies, such as tiredness, mood swings, poor immune response, recurring common illness, sudden allergies, and intolerance’s. Personalised nutritional therapy enables you to feel and be the best you can be.

We use the principals of Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine, which in simple terms, is the use of diet and lifestyle alterations or inputs, to affect a positive change to your health, fitness and wellbeing or outputs.

Fundamentally, our health is a representation of our biochemistry at any given point in time. Therefore, the output of health (fitness or wellbeing) is controlled by the input choices (diet & lifestyle) we ourselves make…that choice is yours!

Our degree qualified Nutritionist, Gary, is able to tailor make a plan for you to get you feeling better than you thought possible. Symptoms such as tiredness, low mood, headaches, mood swings frequent coughs colds, hormonal changes, low sex drive, allergies, digestive problems, can all lead to more chronic problems if left untreated.

To live a full and healthy day to day life, a balanced diet and lifestyle is significantly important. Not only do we offer continued support, but we are committed to educating you so that you are confident about your diet.

Our aim is to help you with any problems you have with your body and determine any deficiencies you may have so that we are able to make you as healthy as possible. Improvements can be made by re-balancing your body – once this is achieved, the body can then begin to work optimally.

Benefits of nutritional therapy?

  • Allergy and intolerance testing
  • Weight control planning
  • Muscle gain advice
  • Endurance boost
  • Training and recovery
  • Conception and gestation
  • Female health
  • Digestive health
  • Stress, anxiety and depression management
  • Skin health
  • Gut health

Call 01282 453 110 to book your appointment.

Your First Appointment

Initial assessments are up to 90 minutes long and are used to gather information on what it is that you want to achieve. Before your initial assessment, you will also be sent an in-depth questionnaire on your health and diet so that our nutritionist, Gary, is able to create you a bespoke nutritional plan. If you would like a chat with Gary via telephone before the consultation, this can be arranged.

A review appointment of 60 minutes is normally booked in for 4-6 weeks later, allowing progress to be reviewed and changes made if necessary.


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