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The BIBAs – Not Just A Trophy

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The BIBAs Academy


When we won our BIBA in September 2015 for Professional Services Business of the Year, one of the less-known-about bonuses of winning, is entry to the BIBAs Academy.


The Academy was run by Lancaster University Management School, and brought all of the business owners together, about every three weeks, for a workshop run by the lovely Richard Baguley; this was then followed by a one off NatWest Masterclass series.


The workshops allowed a couple of hours out of the business to reflect (often a rarity!) and to share experiences with other winners. Each session was guided by Richard, and was tailored around building sustainable, bold, high growth businesses.  The range of knowledge in the room was extraordinary – and everyone was so willing to help, listen, challenge and provide thought-provoking comments and ideas.


The Masterclasses were an absolute treat – with world-class speakers. Everyone from Mike Ryan (futurist extraordinaire!)  to John Timpson (I’m not sure I would want to be his HR Manager, but blimey do his staff love him and he gets results!)  The variety of topics covered was huge, but every single one had an inspirational story and it was unanimously agreed that the whole group took plenty of nuggets away from each one in the series.


To have access to all of the above, in the fabulous surroundings of Lancaster University, was a real treat – and they have been generous enough to tell us to keep in touch, and to keep using the facilities. I am hopeful that everyone on the course will continue to make time to do this – I know that I’m currently toying with the idea of an MBA there, and others are looking at different ways that work for them and their business.  The next Masterclass series will also be a something to relish, I’m sure.


To everyone who was involved with the organisation, delivery and participation on the programme, please keep in touch, and thank you!


Sorrel Holland

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