The importance of an MOT appointment

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The importance of an MOT appointment

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So, what are MOTs and why are MOTs important?

We all know why we MOT a car; to check that it is in good working order, that everything is structurally sound so that nothing breaks down and the car is efficient.  Well, there is no difference when a Physio gives you an MOT!

We often see 2 types of clients that keep in touch with us for check-ins:


  1. You’ve had an injury and the issue has been resolved, however, as Physios we are always wary that something may tighten or we are concerned the healing process may leave the person prone to relapsing back a little.


Here, an MOT may be done to check that all of your hard work during your Physio treatment has paid off and the issue is at an end.  This is also a brilliant opportunity to discuss anything that you’re worried about – or perhaps you want to know how you can be even better than pre-injury!

One of our clients, Elaine, talks about her treatment and MOT sessions.

“As a lead trainer and manager at a health care centre, I know the importance of rehabilitation. Having suffered a relatively serious knee injury, I immediately booked in for Physiotherapy treatment to help. Once I came out the other side, I lacked confidence in the strength of my knee and I was worried the injury would recur. My MOT sessions were a great way for me to be assured I was recovering well and gave me confidence in my knee.”


  1. You’ve had an issue that is not 100% curable (in that you can be assisted by a Physio to be at your best, but the issue is likely to recur in the future and you want maintaining at your best).  Sometimes, unfortunately, this may be the case, but life does not have to be defined by a chronic injury and you certainly don’t have to just put up with it!


Here, a session can reset you and help a healthy body (or body part) to maintain its condition to its most pain-free, most strong, most flexible, most functional and most non-life affecting best!

Margaret, 80, explains why having MOT sessions help her.

“When you get to my age, unfortunately, our bodies don’t quite do what we want them to do anymore. I come to Physiofusion as I suffer with multiple arthritic issues, replaced joint problems and at times very little confidence. Their MOT sessions help me keep on top of my conditions and allow me to at least operate at the very best that I can.”


To learn more about MOTs and how they may be beneficial for you, why not try our FREE Ask-A-Physio service online where you can message our Clinical Director, Sam, directly. With over 20 years of experience, she will be able to give you thorough feedback on any queries you have.

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