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What Hurts

Stress & Mental Health

As well as physical therapy we also have therapists who can help with stress and mental health-related issues. Most commonly we deal with stressful or anxiety-related conditions whether its an acute relapse or how to manage more longstanding patterns of behaviour or ‘coping’ that you would like to change. Our therapists also commonly see clients with addictive behaviours, fears and phobias, bereavement, childhood traumas and alike.

Call 01282 453 110 to book your appointment.

We understand that the first step is the hardest. Please feel free to ask to speak to our counsellor confidentially if you want to ‘touch base’ with her before booking in.

For more information on the treatments that we offer related to stress and mental health-related issues please use our free and confidential Ask A Physio service, or give us a call on 01282 453 110.

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Spend less time suffering and more time doing what you love. Our Ask A Physio service is a free and confidential service designed to provide you with advice and information on your problem before you book an appointment.

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