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Injuries in Racquet Sports – Squash

Squash is fast, fun, sweaty, brilliant and tragic! Well I may speak for myself as a squash player, but every game has its ups and downs. It’s my elbow again The emotional rollercoaster, thinking “I’ve got him exactly where I want him” and then you miss a couple of easy shots and you have lost.

Physiotherapy for MS

Physiotherapy and MS Case Study from a Physiofusion client. #MSAwarenessWeek It's quite a coincidence that this week is MS awareness week. Two years ago this week I started on a journey that ended up with an MS diagnosis. I'd run a 10k mud run on the Saturday, felt great on the Sunday, but noticed that

Tennis Elbow, Also for Cricketers…and Decorators…and Typists!

In my previous article, which was about cricket injuries, I briefly mentioned that tennis elbow is a common injury sustained by cricketers. Examples from recent times are Sachin Tendulkar and Nasser Hussain, who both suffered with this condition for long periods. Not only is this a problem for cricketers and tennis players, as the name

Football Knee Injuries

As I am a keen football fan and Burnley supporter (Up the Clarets), I have an interest in football injuries and most of what I see are knee injuries. Most Common Injuries © 2014 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved. Knee Ligament injuries are the most common, particularly the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (Michael Owen) and Medial

My Journey – Part 2

Caroline Schofield - My Journey – Part Two Personal & Professional Development It has been over a year since I joined the team here at Physiofusion and the biggest thing that has changed between now and then is my confidence. I really appreciate the time and resources that have been made available to invest in

Gardening Lovers, Gardening Endurers – Take Heed

Lots of people love gardening. I imagine they love the nurturing and bringing to life of a tiny shoot to something beautiful or sumptuous. Or maybe it’s the solitude. Or the head-space. Or the quiet. I think it’s about love. The love of creation. The love of beauty and colour. The love of that head-space

Diabetes and Podiatry

Whether you have had diabetes for many years or have been recently diagnosed with diabetes it’s important to get your feet checked at least annually by a suitably trained person By visiting a Podiatrist you can prevent foot problems, keep your skin and toenails in great condition and get everyday foot care advice. Regardless of