Caroline Schofield of Physiofusion - My Journey Part 2

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My Journey – Part 2

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Caroline Schofield – My Journey – Part Two

Personal & Professional Development

It has been over a year since I joined the team here at Physiofusion and the biggest thing that has changed between now and then is my confidence. I really appreciate the time and resources that have been made available to invest in my potential, knowing that your employers care motivates you to go the extra mile as well. It also helps when you have fantastic and supportive colleagues who help you feel like part of the team.

When I first heard about the junior physiotherapist position being advertised back in 2014, it was the additional in-house training that really appealed to me. As well as having my own clinical caseload, I have a couple of hours a week training, which usually involves the diagnostics and treatment options of a particular joint. This training helps to expand upon subjects that aren’t often covered in enough depth at university. For example, we have had a couple of sessions dedicated to the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) which is often under-recognised as a source of symptoms and is regularly confused with pain originating from the lumbar spine. Consequently I am more aware of referral patterns of pain and always try to clear the SIJ when a client presents with lower back/buttock pain.

I spend one hour per week with my own personal mentor; this is a brilliant opportunity to discuss clients that come in with tricky presentations. It can be very helpful getting a second opinion on a case, particularly when you’ve got your blinkers on.

External Training Courses
Myself and a couple of my colleagues have also been given external course funding in order to attend an acupuncture course starting next month which will be a brilliant addition to our manual skills. So if you see me or Kevin looking a little worse for wear in May, it’s because we’ve been practicing at being human pin-cushions!

Keeping it Interesting
All of the above is in addition to the standard in-house training that all the therapists at Physiofusion have the choice to attend. That all sounds like a hell of a lot of training right? Well… it is! The varied work day definitely helps to keep things interesting though and fortunately I do have a life outside of work too!

Caroline Schofield qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2013 from Manchester Metropolitan University and primarily treats at Burnley. CaroCaroline Schofieldline enjoys going to the gym and training for events.

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