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Le Petit Depart 2017

This year, Le Petit Depart is returning to Skipton for its 5th year running. Physiofusion will be supporting all the participants at the event before, during and after the race, offering discounted treatment to those that need it.  We aim to raise money for Cancer Support Yorkshire by donating £1 from each treatment to this fantastic charity. The hugely popular

Preparing for a marathon

If you’re running a marathon this year and you’re worried about the task ahead, relax.  We have put together some useful tips to ensure you’re heading into your race as best you can. 1. Correct Clothing  This may sound pointless, but what we wear plays a significant role in our performance as well as our health. Firstly,

Tai Chi Chuan

An extremely beneficial exercise system for the well-being of the ‘whole self.’ Tai Chi Chuan is a whole body workout that helps maintain our strength, flexibility and balance.  It originated in a Daoist monastery in China as an internal martial art, practised for self-defence and spiritual cultivation. The movements are usually circular and never forced,

World Health Day

Common complaints from women regarding their health and how we may treat these problems. Bladder Control Often under discussed for fear of embarrassment and experienced by 80% of women at some point in their lives. The vast majority of issues are preventable (over 90%), especially if the issue is treated sooner rather than later. The