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Homemade Frittata Recipe

Homemade Frittata Focus less on how much we eat and focus more on what we eat. Here’s a deliciously healthy Homemade Frittata recipe from our very own nutritional therapist, Amy, that you can try for yourself! Protein packed ✅  Gluten free ✅ Vegetarian ✅ Breakfast lunch or dinner ✅ Feeds up to 4 ✅ Ingredients: 6 eggs, Salt/pepper, 2-3 peppers, 1

Stretching – should we or shouldn’t we?

It seems for every piece of research that supports one, another study will come out saying the complete opposite. The truth is, stretching itself isn’t bad for us at all, and in fact, it’s great for us! The importance is knowing when, how and why to stretch and problems often come through lack of understanding