What is your home town? Burnley

How long have you been a physio? 2013

What made you want to become a physio? I fell into it; all of the subjects that I chose to study during education lead nicely onto physiotherapy

What do you like treating most? I love learning about and treating the spine

What is the best thing about being a physio? Meeting new people every day and having a chat!

What are your hobbies? Going to the gym used to be my hobby (I’ve been slacking lately though)!

Do you have any other interests? Started getting into gardening this year 😉 even started watching gardeners’ world on a Friday night. Proper rock and roll!

Favourite food? Oooh this is a tough one. Shredded duck pancakes are pretty darn good

If you could invite 3 people for a meal at your house, who would it be? Ville Valo, Chad Kroeger and my Grandad – he was a legend.

If you could go anywhere in the world on holiday where would it be? Life’s too short to just experience Burnley haha. An all around the world cruise would be awesome.

If you weren’t a physio, what would you like to do/be? Anything else healthcare-based. Midwifery seems like a nice job.

Do you have any pets? No – my son’s a little monkey though!

If we did a program called “I’m a physio get me out of here”, and you could take 3 luxury items with you to the jungle, what would they be? a luxury hammock, monkey butlers’ and an unlimited supply of cocktails haha.