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Muscle knots – how to help

Having a knot can cause a considerable amount of discomfort and at times can be very painful.  So, what are knots, how do we know when we have got a knot and why are they so common? First of all, muscle fibres run in all different directions in our body and our muscles are layered

Pregnancy – why am I in pain?

  As one of our Physiotherapists and a Mum-to-be for the second time, Caroline feels now is the perfect time to discuss the natural changes to our bodies during pregnancy and ways to help alleviate the strains and pains we go through. It is estimated that between 50% and 80% of women experience some form

Top Tips for Sciatica

Physiotherapy treatment is an essential recovery method for any sciatica issues. Once you have been assessed, alongside your treatment will be an exercise plan, which is hugely beneficial to the success of your recovery. Using a regular combination of strengthening, stretching, and aerobic conditioning exercises, you stand a much better chance of recovering from sciatica,

Osteoporosis and Spinal pain

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a slow developing condition whereby the density and the quality of the bones are reduced, making them become more fragile. This process occurs over a number of years and in most cases is only diagnosed when small trauma or a minor fall causes a fracture.   Causes of osteoporosis The

Slipped Discs and Low Back Pain

What is a slipped disc? A ‘slipped disc’ is essentially the intervertebral disc pushed out of the spinal column by excessive force and pressure, or example, bending and twisting while lifting a heavy object. The protrusion of a disc can cause pain in the local area, however, if the protrusion is significant enough, it may

Need that extra spring in your step?

With longer days and fine weather fast approaching, we want to make sure you’re feeling ready for Spring. We’re now at that time of the year where we’re doing anything from digging out our running shoes, getting back in the saddle, to finally getting stuck into the mess that we call ‘the garden’. However, Spring

Back pain – How to help

How often do you find yourself taking medication to relieve your back pain symptoms - or how many times do you find yourself heating up the wheat bag in the microwave? Most likely, too often, right? It seems it is more common to suffer with back pain than not – and it’s no wonder. Studies

Slips, trips and broken hips

Unfortunately for us, living in the UK means the wintery conditions seem to last forever! As the temperatures continue to drop, the injuries from slips and trips tends to rise. The most common of injuries following a fall include: Ankle sprains A ligament is a band of tissue which attaches bone to bone. The ankle

How to avoid back pain from travelling

One of the most common aspects of travelling is sitting. Whether it’s sitting on public transport, long uncomfortably cramped flights abroad, driving from one end of a country to another - at some point, we need to sit. Holidays are the time where we shouldn’t have a worry in the world. A time to relax

How can acupuncture enhance your performance?

  Acupuncture is a treatment method regularly used by Physiotherapists to improve a wide range of conditions. Although it has been around for thousands of years, it is only recently that clinical studies have actually proved its effectiveness. Athletes are always looking for an edge that will allow them to increase their performance, whether they