The Difference Between Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy

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The difference between Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy

What's the difference between Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy? Sports Therapy is an important part of healthcare, not just for the prevention of an injury, but also the rehabilitation of an injury. Whether you’re a young, spring-chicken or of a more mature physicality, Sports Therapy has a huge role to play in how injured or injury-free you feel.

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The difference between Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy can often cause some confusion when looking at what treatment plan you require.

For issues such as musculoskeletal disorders and mobility functionality, you would be best seeing a Physiotherapist. Regular massage therapy is beneficial for easing overworked muscles and soothing aches, whereas Sports therapy involves the use of a physiological, pathological and anatomical approach in combination with sport and exercise science to provide both immediate and long-term care of injuries.

The benefits of Sports Massage

Physiological benefits.

  • Improved muscle function
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Improved and increased amount of blood flow and lymphatic drainage.
  • Increased joint range of motion.
  • Increased strength and stability.
  • Reduced scar tissue.

Psychological Benefits.

  • Improved / increased of willingness.
  • Improved motivation to succeed.
  • Relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Pain reduction.


Why is it important to see a Sports Therapist regularly?

Sports Therapy is not only a treatment method, but an important preventive technique too.

By maintaining a healthy function of the body, it reduces the likelihood of injury; even if you may not be in pain as such, regular exercise and sport can cause the muscles to become tight, which can eventually lead to slight or major muscle tears.

A postural and functional assessment can be carried out to identify any possible weaknesses or imbalances that may be an underlying factor leading to significant injury.

Sport Therapy allows for the body to function correctly at its highest ability.

Heavy lifting and loading can cause micro tears within the muscle, which if left un-treated for a long period or time, can cause scar tissue damage, forcing a muscle to function at a lower level.

Sports Therapy is a technique used to avoid the adhesion and scar tissue build up.

The dangers from ignoring the pain/injury?

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and that an area has become problematic.  Physiologically, it could cause excessive stress on the body and lead to further injury and damage. Ignoring pain and injury may lead to irreversible damage that would require long-term treatment and care just to ensure the issue doesn’t worsen.

If you are suffering with any injuries or issues, it’s always worth an assessment at the very least. This will give you an indication of not just the severity, but also how long you can expect to recover.

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