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The importance of Biomechanics

You may not be aware of the importance of Biomechanics but it affects us all. Many of us will suffer with mechanical pain or injury in our lower limbs or back. However, what we aren’t always aware of is that our foot posture and function may well be the underlying cause of this. This is

Keep the spring in your step

Top Tips for runners Out with the cold, in with new (YOU).  Longer days and warmer weather usually means one thing for most of us…exercise! Running outdoors has grown massively in recent years and it's a form of exercise that everyone can do, no matter our age.  Memberships for running clubs are on the rise, and it’s no

Children’s Feet – Footwear

A significant feature in your foot health is wearing the correct footwear, not only for your foot type but for the activities you engage in. Many foot problems are contributed by incorrect footwear. This can be anything from the wrong size, depth, length, width, materials and construction. When assessing and treating patients feet, I always

How Does Diabetes Affect Feet?

High blood glucose levels can cause damage to the nerves in your legs and feet. This nerve damage is called Neuropathy and can lead to: Loss of sensation (feeling) in your feet Change in the shape to joints and bones in your feet Reduction in sweating and dry skin on your feet High blood glucose

Tennis and the Importance of Feet

Tennis is an activity where feet are subjected to constant movement - forward and backward, side-to-side, running, jumping and lunging. Understandably, with all that pounding, feet, ankles and tendons are at risk of problems. Potential problems Ankle sprains, stress fractures, heel pain, heel spurs. Whatever the cause, pain is an indicator not to be ignored

Wimbledon – What a Load of Racquet!

As Wimbledon is now well underway, and I have a keen interest in tennis, (I was once Lancashire Champion I'll have you know!), I aim to highlight the main injuries amongst tennis players.   Tennis Elbow The injury most heard about is "tennis elbow". This is an overuse of the muscles that extend the wrist

Biomechanics Case Study

Me and the Three Degrees I’ve always been a runner. I’ve run with horses and I’ve run with dogs. I’ve run up and down hills and in some serious “Muddy Runs” Mostly though, I just run; and when I can’t run, I attend spinning classes. It worked so well I “bought” a podiatrist with biomechanics