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Choosing the Correct Running Trainers

When choosing running trainers, first and foremost it’s important we begin with our toenails. If we are doing any form of running, whether it be long distance or short distance, ensuring we maintain good health of our nails by cutting them and airing them on a regular basis is hugely important.

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We see so many patients on a regular basis that admit to sleeping with their socks on or that they repeatedly apply nail varnish on top of old nail varnish instead of removing the old layer and letting their nails ‘air’. Allowing our nails to overgrow can in turn cause pressure within the shoe and result in damaged nails, or worse, our nails to fall off.

If you are unable to maintain your nails, or have problematic nails, there is no need to worry. Most Podiatry services offer a simple nail care solution that includes the cutting of the nails.

None of us are immune to infections, such as athletes’ foot and verruca’s, so regardless of whether or not we exercise often, it’s best we get the infections treated as soon as possible. However, if you are a runner or somebody that is very active, these types of infections can really start to cause you issues.

Blisters can be a nightmare for runners too, often delaying or even stopping your training. If you have a blister, do not try to burst it. Instead, cover it with ice for up to 30 mins to relieve pain. If you feel it is going to burst, allow the fluid to drain and cover it using a sterile dressing. Do not pick at the edges of the blister or try to peel it. Lastly if it is your footwear that has caused the damage then you might need to reevaluate whether or not they are suitable for you.

Wearing socks can also be vitally important. They offer an added layer of protection and help absorb moisture and prevent blisters occurring. So, choose the right socks!


Ask yourself the following questions when looking for running trainers

  • Do I have the right type of running trainer for my foot type?
  • What is my foot type?
  • What surface will I be running on?
  • Have I measured my feet recently to ensure I am wearing the correct shoe size?

(A common mistake people can make is when buying one particular shoe and being a size 8 for example, and then thinking they are an 8 in every possible type of shoe – this is not always the case so be wary of this).

Once you know that you’ve done everything you can to ensure your feet are in the best possible health, it is then time to buy your running trainers.

We have a choice or a style of running trainer to choose from, so identifying what type of running we want to do is vital in choosing the correct shoe. We can choose between road/treadmill running shoes, trail running shoes, and also minimalistic shoes.

Road/treadmill shoes also come in 3 types; firstly, there are cushioned shoes which are lightweight but offer little to none motion control. Secondly, there are stability shoes for feet which require some motion control and cushioning and offering support to an over-pronating (flat foot). Thirdly, there are maximum support running shoes, which are designed to offer more support to an over-pronating foot, by incorporating higher density materials to slow down the over pronation.

It can sometimes be difficult to self-diagnose our foot type and automatically know which type of trainer will be best for us, so it’s worth discussing with a Podiatrist which category your feet would fall under. A detailed Biomechanical assessment can be carried out to discuss any of your concerns too.


Have you ever thought about orthotics?

Orthotics are specialised insoles which can only be recommended after a Biomechanical assessment. They offer superior level of support, motion control and correction to your feet.

By wearing specialised insoles, they can help with foot pain and reduce the risk of overuse injuries by redistributing pressure across the breadth of your feet.

We provide a varied range of orthotics, from custom made to pre-fabricated types.


How to book our Podiatry services in Burnley?

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