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Podiatry Plus

Physiofusion offer Podiatry Plus care at both Burnley and Padiham clinics.

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Podiatry Plus: £60

What is a Podiatry Plus Treatment?

Podiatry Plus or medi-pedi is an exclusive service, renowned for completely restoring the health of your feet. A full analysis is carried out of your feet with extensive and thorough treatment followed by expert advice to maintain the results at home. It will leave your feet feeling pampered and rejuvenated. We can do this at either our Burnley or Padiham clinics.


How is it different from Podiatry?

Podiatry is our entry level service that focuses on one particular issue. Podiatry plus is a complete service, meaning, both feet will be thoroughly assessed and treated, finished off with a relaxing foot massage.


What can I expect in an appointment?

  • Toenails cut, shaped and cuticles treated
  • Fungal, thick, or ingrowing toenails treated
  • Corns, calluses, and dry skin removed
  • Rough skin treated
  • Cracked heels smoothed
  • Expert aftercare advice



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