Corporate Contracts and Occupational Health

Physiofusion can help you to keep your workforce healthy by treating employees either on-site at your premises, or by seeing workers at our clinics in Burnley, Padiham, Barnoldswick, Skipton, Bolton and Lancaster.

The advantages of having a healthy workforce are well documented and include increased productivity, lower staff turnover, reduced sickness and absence and an increased loyalty to your organisation. All of these result in a higher level of profitability which is more sustainable than cost-cutting alone.


We can provide Occupational Health services, such as physiotherapy services, return to work assessments, manual handling, ergonomic assessments and stress management services and can provide the following therapies on-site for your company (please see the individual treatment pages for more details on each therapy):

The full range of physiotherapy and other therapies are available to your workers at our clinics.

We can also work with current Occupational Health providers to provide seamless bolt-on services for your company.

A Partnership Approach

We are keen to take a partnership approach and can help you to organise Health and Wellbeing events that encourage employees to get involved with a healthier lifestyle, meaning they are happier and more engaged, as well as helping you to meet your corporate and social responsibility obligations.

We can provide you with statistics on patient attendance including the nature of their injuries and return to work techniques, which will help you to monitor and analyse your sickness absence management processes and identify issues.

We can also help you to develop your HR policies regarding sickness and absence – helping you to manage and improve your employee health.

A useful guide to ergonomics within the workplace can be found here on the Health and Safety Executive’s website.

Case Study

Case study 1 – thumb injury for a manual worker in a manufacturing environment

For more details on how we can help your workforce, please contact us on 01282 453 110.