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The Importance of Foot Health

The importance of foot health – for some of us, our foot health only seems to be a slight priority during the Summer months when faced with the prospect of exposing them in open-toe footwear. However, just because it may not be flip-flop weather, does not mean that we should neglect the appearance and health of our feet!

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We take for granted the importance of foot health and the vital role that our feet play in carrying and supporting our entire body-weight every single day; as with every step, the feet are compressed, pressured and endure repeated rubbing movements from footwear. You may also be surprised to know that if the amount of pressure and friction is increased over a period of time, the body reacts by adding extra layers of skin for protection! This thick, hard skin is often found on the ball, heel & toes of the foot, as these are the areas that endure the greatest pressures from our everyday movements.

On top of this, our feet are often subject to common conditions such as verruca’s, in-growing toenails and dry skin, not to mention the side effects from less common conditions such as diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and circulatory problems – so, it’s no wonder we need to take more care of our feet and embrace the importance of foot health!

What can our Podiatrists do?

Our Podiatrists will be able to help reduce the pain and discomfort as we manage the corn and callous build-ups. Through our comprehensive foot assessments, we are able to determine the root cause of the corn and/or callus and talk you through ways to ensure repeat problems can be kept to a minimum. We believe regular maintenance appointments are important in order to ensure future issues with our feet are limited.

Incorrect and/or inappropriate footwear for our feet is a particular concern as it is often the last thing we think about when purchasing footwear. The correct footwear differs depending on a number of things ranging from weight, posture, foot alignment and any current or past injuries. Incorrect footwear can also increase our risk of running injuries, including lower back, leg, knee, ankle and foot pain. Our Podiatrists can effectively advise on the best and most appropriate footwear, as well as provide biomechanical assessments and/or prescribe orthotics (also known as orthotic insoles, shoe inserts, or orthoses) where appropriate to restore natural foot function.

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