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Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back

Our Physiotherapists are experts in injuries and problems that occur in the upper part of your body. We are lucky enough to have a broad range of Physios who specialise in each area separately, notably, neck, shoulders and upper Back. Whether the problem is acute, chronic or caused by something you have done whilst being active – we have specialists in these areas who can help you get that weight off your shoulders.

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There will be different solutions to your problem depending on what it is that has happened. Treatment may consist of joint, ligament or muscular release, a form of taping, laser therapy or even several of them at once. Follow up treatment might also be suggested by the Physio to manage your injury and prevent it from getting worse in the future, these include such treatments as maintenance massage/muscle release.

For more information on the treatments that we deliver for neck, shoulder and upper body problems please click on the options below or give us call on 01282 453 110.

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Spend less time suffering and more time doing what you love. Our Ask A Physio service is a free and confidential service designed to provide you with advice and information on your problem before you book an appointment.

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