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Wimbledon – What a Load of Racquet!

As Wimbledon is now well underway, and I have a keen interest in tennis, (I was once Lancashire Champion I'll have you know!), I aim to highlight the main injuries amongst tennis players.   Tennis Elbow The injury most heard about is "tennis elbow". This is an overuse of the muscles that extend the wrist

The BIBAs – Not Just A Trophy

The BIBAs Academy   When we won our BIBA in September 2015 for Professional Services Business of the Year, one of the less-known-about bonuses of winning, is entry to the BIBAs Academy.   The Academy was run by Lancaster University Management School, and brought all of the business owners together, about every three weeks, for

Slipped Discs – Spinal Injuries

Spinal Injuries – Slipped Discs  A herniated or prolapsed disc, commonly known as a slipped disc, occurs when one of the discs that sit between the spinal column is damaged and can press on the nerves. This can cause pain in the back and neck as well as numbness, tingling sensation, or weakness. Slipped discs are