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Muscle knots – how to help

Having a knot can cause a considerable amount of discomfort and at times can be very painful.  So, what are knots, how do we know when we have got a knot and why are they so common? First of all, muscle fibres run in all different directions in our body and our muscles are layered

Myofascial Release therapy

What is Myofascial Release and how does it benefit us? Myofascial Release is a specific type of hands-on massage therapy that can be performed by our specialist physiotherapists. Myofascial Release focuses on the fascia which is a connective tissue within the body - it surrounds and connects the muscles and organs of the body. Tightness

Why post-event massages are extremely beneficial

Massage can be used as an alternative (or in addition) to your normal cool-down routine. It helps to decrease muscle tone, allowing improvements in muscle length and joint range of movement as well as helping to break up the lactic acid and remove it from your muscles. Research has also shown that massage can also

Sports Massage – why is it an integral part of training?

  As Physiotherapists, we find that a large proportion of our clientele are people that train regularly for a number of sports. Commonly, the injuries that we see are the consequence of overload to the joints and soft tissues, usually from excessive movement or training - this is particularly common amongst runners and cyclers. We

Make Strides in Your Riding

At Physiofusion, we have a lot of experience in treating riders – whether it’s fine tuning balance and posture with a course of our Alexander Technique sessions, strengthening the core with Clinical Pilates classes, or a rehabilitation program with one of our Physiotherapists. Whatever the issue, we’re here to help you get back in the

Overworked Hamstrings

Lazy derrière.... maybe there’s some truth in it! I’ve always wanted to know how far I ran during a Hockey game, so, to compete with my teammates I had to buy a step counter. I clocked in at running approximately 5 miles! Even though my teammates are convinced my counter calibrated wrong (ironically as I

Tennis Injuries – Shoulder Pain

  It’s that time of year again when we all become an Andy Murray wannabe or maybe its Serena or Federer that you idolise on the tennis court. It’s an all too familiar story – you return to the tennis court having not played over the winter and, for no apparent reason, your shoulder starts

Slipped Discs – Spinal Injuries

Spinal Injuries – Slipped Discs  A herniated or prolapsed disc, commonly known as a slipped disc, occurs when one of the discs that sit between the spinal column is damaged and can press on the nerves. This can cause pain in the back and neck as well as numbness, tingling sensation, or weakness. Slipped discs are

Avoiding Injuries – Weight Training

Benefits of Weight Training In my opinion weight training is pretty awesome. If you have an area of your body that you want to accentuate – you can. You just need to provide your muscles with the correct stimulus and macronutrients to facilitate growth. For example, I quite like big bottoms, I always have and

Gardening Lovers, Gardening Endurers – Take Heed

Lots of people love gardening. I imagine they love the nurturing and bringing to life of a tiny shoot to something beautiful or sumptuous. Or maybe it’s the solitude. Or the head-space. Or the quiet. I think it’s about love. The love of creation. The love of beauty and colour. The love of that head-space