Cutting Sickness Costs in the Workplace

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Cutting Sickness Costs

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All employers know that having employees off work is a nuisance – from a logistical perspective, as well as the feeling of dread that it may turn into a long-term sickness absence case. Many employers have to make serious cost savings, and cutting back on services seen as ‘nice-to-have’, is often considered.

There has been considerable research undertaken proving that money invested into employee health actually saves money. Rather than ask you to trust us on this, we thought that we’d show you one of our case-studies from an employer who we work with at Physiofusion:

24 year old Quality Engineer for a manufacturing company, earning £25k

Role involves:
Precision measurement and fabrication – the delicate and forceful use of tools, time at a computer, work on the shop floor, small amount of lifting and carrying – small and larger weights

Cut to the palm by sharp tool, cutting partially through a tendon, with thick scar tissue forming

Tendons stuck down by scar tissue, pain and massive loss of power, unable to grip, mild swelling, loss of movement to the wrist and fingers of the dominant hand

How it affects their job:
Employee was unable to work due to:
1. Duties involving precision
2. Safety reasons
3. Laptop typing painful

3 sessions of Physiotherapy, involving scar tissue release techniques, stretch techniques to bow the tendon off the bone, laser, home exercises to improve the range of movement and build power

Working Outcome:
Employee returned to work on light duties for 3 weeks (after discussion between Physio, HR and line manager), with a full return to work thereafter

Employee comment:
“My assessment at Physiofusion gave me the confidence as I knew what problems I might have after my injury, and what I should and shouldn’t be doing as I went along. I also felt confident that work were ok because I knew they knew what was going on, and they could get me back to work safely and my hand wouldn’t suffer.”

Savings – 5 weeks off work = £480 x 5 = £2400
Costs – 3 Physio sessions 1 @ £40 + 2 @ £35 = £110
Overall saving = £2,290

Access to Physiotherapy doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor do you need to have a retainer contract – just make sure that you pre-agree a set number of sessions upfront and ask for regular updates. It can mean the difference between an employee being off for a couple of days or them turning into another long-term sickness absence statistic – and a huge cost to you as an employer.

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Samantha House – Clinical Director and Chartered Physiotherapist

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