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Running injury treatment – Burnley & Padiham

Physiofusion specialise in running injury treatment across the North West, specifically the Burnley and Padiham areas where we have a number of clinics.

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If, like us, you’re into your running, getting an injury can seem like the worst possible news. That’s why getting the correct running injury treatment for you is important. Most running injuries we treat are not serious and don’t require any long periods of time off. In-fact, depending on the injury, there is still a considerable amount of training you can do.

Let’s take a look a some of the most common injuries and the treatment you may need.

Common running injuries:

Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral pain syndrome)

Symptoms: Pain in and around the kneecap, rubbing, clicking or grinding of the kneecap or if the kneecap is tender to touch.

Achilles Tendonitis

Symptoms: Pain at the back of your leg or heel, stiffness in the tendon, swelling sat the back of your ankle or tenderness when touching your heel.

Hamstring Issues

Symptoms: Bruising of the thigh, pain the back of your thigh or lower buttock, a snapping or popping feeling when exercising.

Plantar Fasciitis

Symptoms: A sharp pain in the bottom of your foot, commonly in the morning when your first start walking, or any pain in the arch of your foot during exercise.

Shin Splints

Symptoms: Tenderness or soreness along the inner side of your shinbone, mild swelling at the bottom of your leg, usually eases up when not exercising.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

Symptoms: Aching, burning or tenderness on the outside of your knee, a warmth or redness on the outside of your knee or pain up and down your leg.

Stress Fracture

Symptoms: Pain that intensifies during exercises and then goes away when you stop or swelling on the top of the foot/outside of the ankle.

Damaged Nails

Symptoms: Bruised toenails or toenails falling off.

Do any of these injuries or symptoms sound familiar to you? To learn more about the specifics of the injuries, just click on the link that best describes your symptoms to see our therapists explain in more detail.

When it comes to running injury treatment, if you haven’t been hospitalised for your issue, rehabilitation is relatively straight forward in most cases. It just requires a little bit of patience, the determination to follow a therapist’s instructions and the confidence that you will be back doing what love before you know it!

At Physiofusion, our priority is not only making you better than before, but it’s to support you so that can keep doing the things you want. Just because you’re seeing a physio for treatment, doesn’t mean you have to stop everything. We work with you and create a programme that best suits you. To start your running injury treatment with us, you can book via telephone, email, Facebook Messenger or online.

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