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Calves, Ankles & Feet

We are specialists in treating injuries and conditions in the foot and lower leg; we have both Physiotherapists and Podiatrists who treat a wide range of conditions – if you aren’t sure who is best to see, please call us for a chat.

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We treat conditions such as toe joint swelling, ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis (pain underneath the sole of your foot). Whether you have picked up the injury during physical activity or if it has been brought on by arthritis, a collapsed foot or previous injury, we can help. Mechanical mal-alignment is a very common occurrence in all these areas, especially through exercise or arthritis. Additional ‘strain’ may be added by increasing your training mileage, using unsuitable footwear or developing knots or weaknesses that change your mechanics.

As well as Physiotherapy and podiatry we may recommend other therapies such as massage – to improve ease of movement, acupuncture – to reduce swelling, or Clinical Pilates – for improved ‘core’ strength.

Our podiatrists will also address other issues relating to your feet, from straightforward nail cutting to more serious in-growing toenail treatment. They can also provide an overall assessment that includes reflexes (neurological), blood flow (vascular) as well as biomechanical assessments that show how problems in the feet can affect the knees, hips and lower back in particular and can provide excellent guidance for avoidance of issues in the future.

For more information on treatments that we deliver for calf, ankle and feet problems, please click on the options below or give us a call on 01282 453 110.

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