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Why Clinical Pilates?

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When I was 14 I suffered with severe lower back pain, caused by various sporting injuries, as I competed in athletics at a high standard. My physiotherapist at the time advised me to start Pilates, which reduced my pain significantly. Since then I have sworn by Pilates to help manage spinal pain – it’s all ‘DOWN TO THE CORE!’


So…Why Clinical Pilates?
Clinical Pilates is tailored more specifically to the patients’ symptoms, needs and goals. Prior to patients attending a Pilates class, I perform a thorough assessment to check the quality of contraction of the deep core muscles, which are crucial to reduce low back pain.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 5 people, where we do a combination of mat work exercises and gym ball work. This allows me to spot for mechanical faults within the class.


Once you have the right technique and improved your control, you can then ‘Spread your wings’ and ‘Fly to another nest’ to continue Pilates in a community class.

For more information or to book on a Pilates class at Physiofusion give us a call on 01282 453 110.

Kate Franzke BadmintonKate Franzke (second from right) qualified in physiotherapy at York St John University in 2007 with a First Class Honours Degree. Kate has worked for Burnley Football Club and local rugby teams, and plays badminton for Nelson and Colne College. She is well known for ‘making a racket’ from time to time!

Image: Kate (second from right) with her badminton team…oh and just a couple of trophies.

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